Frustrated With The Buying Process?

Hello Buyer Advocacy is a buyer’s advocate that places emphasis on those looking to buy, whether that be your new place of residence or for investment purposes. We charge a nominal, all-inclusive flat fee of $9990. We have a strong nationally recognised brand and pride ourselves on being local. Our mentors are familiar within the specific area in which you are looking to buy.


Create your personalised buying strategy on Principal Place of Residence (PPOR)and investment properties You create based on your own research (3-5 hours)
Research market criteria in your defined area. Short list properties for you each week 30–40 hours
Arrange finance and pre-approval for you if required 3–5 hours
Have access to off market & silent listings
Access to the latest software, tools and resources to analyse and track the market and sales
Negotiate on price, conditions, terms and inclusions 3-5 hours
Conduct building and pest inspection, strata report and handover inspection $600-$700
Conduct depreciation report (on investment property) $700-$800
Conveyancing and legal $1500-$2500
COST $9,900
all inclusive
40-55 Hrs


What You Can Expect


Property That Matches Your Criteria

We empower you to feel confident in your purchase and we provide professional support services to assist you every step of the way.
We will dispel many of the myths surrounding real estate and show you just how easy and rewarding purchasing your next property can be.

Right Property at the Right Price

Hello Buyer Advocacy will assist you in buying your next property, whether it be an owner occupied home for your family or a great investment property to add to your portfolio.

An Experience That Revolves Around You

Hello Buyer Advocacy will provide you with a personal Buyer Mentor to work withyou one-on-one through the whole search and location process.
Our team of real estate professionals will assist in all the aspects of finding and purchasing your next property, including the negotiation.


Our Fixed Fee Package Includes


  • Evaluation & Pricing
    You receive the latest Sales & On Market Data for the area that you wish to purchase in
  • Strata Report/Handover Report
    We will provide all of the information necessary for you to clearly evaluate strata matters and also ensure that you have full details for the property handover process

Hello Buyer Advocacy


  • Your Own Personal Mentor
    We provide you with a mentor who will work with you one-on-one through the search and evaluation process and will handle all aspects of the purchase right through until the property is yours.
  • Depreciation Report
    Our depreciation report specialists are all tax compliant and are at theforefront of property investment and tax matters that could influence your buying decision.
  • Final Payment and Settlement
    We provide trust account facilities for deposit handling. Our highly experienced team of conveyancers handle all matters in respect to settlement and handover with the seller’s conveyancer or solicitor.


  • Contract and Legal Matters
    We provide all relevant property searches; sales contract advice and associated legal document provision and review.
  • Building & Pest Inspection Report
    We arrange for a detailed industry compliant building and pest report so that you get a clear picture of the property you are intending to purchase. All of our building and pest inspectors are fully licensed builders with professional indemnity insurance