What Would you Like to Know?


Why choose Hello Real Estate?

Hello real estate is changing the way Australians sell their properties by putting you, the property owner, in charge of the sale. Our team of professionals work with you, empowering you to make smart decisions every step of the way. Because we work for a fixed-fee, not commission, our aim is to help you have the most rewarding experience, in every sense.

What's included in my fixed fee?

The short answer? All you require to professionally sell your home is included…and more! You’ll have a personal mentor on hand to guide you through every step of your sale. You’ll also have access to a licensed valuer, a building inspection, a home stylist and photographer. Hello will also create your digital advertising, provide a premium signage board for outside your home and print all your brochures. The Hello Bid ‘n Buy service makes the negotiation process simpler. Hello’s conveyancers will handle all the legal documents and all aspects of your settlement.

Is Hello Real Estate Licensed?

Yes, Hello Real Estate currently holds Real Estate Licenses in:

  • South Australia License Registration no. RLA 277713
  • New South Wales Corporation License no. 10053042
  • Victoria Estate Agent License no. 079688L
  • Queensland Real Estate Agent no. 4046952

Are Hello Mentors accredited to operate in the real estate industry?

Yes, all Hello Mentors hold a Real Estate Certificate III in Property Services.

How is a Hello Real Estate Mentor different from a traditional real estate agent?

Your mentor works for you; not for a hefty commission. They’ll guide you through every step of selling your property on your own. Because they don’t work for commission, you can be sure they have your best interests at heart.

What does Hello Real Estate offer me that a traditional real estate agent doesn't?

  • Hello Real Estate offers valuations from licensed valuers…traditional real estate agents don’t.
  • Hello Real Estate includes a conveyancing and settlement service in our fixed fee…traditional real estate agents don’t.
  • Hello Real Estate mentors work for you, not for commission…traditional real estate agents charge separate marketing fees as well as commission.
  • Hello Real Estate is designed to leave you feeling empowered every step of the way…traditional real estate agents are designed to leave you out of pocket thanks to their commission and separate marketing fee structure.

Which professionals do I have access to?

Hello is on hand to help you through every step of your sale, providing you with the right professional at the appropriate time. A licensed valuer will give you a true valuation and your mentor will provide up to date market sales information to assist in your pricing decision. We will arrange for a building inspection to give you a detailed report on your house. A home stylist and photographer will ensure you present your home in the best possible way. We provide high quality brochures and list your property on the leading real estate portals.

Why am I the best person to sell my property?

Only you know all the brilliant quirks and secrets of your home- making you the best ambassador to sell it. At Hello we believe in transparency and there’s nothing more transparent than having an open and honest conversation with buyers interested in your home.

How can I price my house accurately and align to the market?

We’ll provide you with a detailed valuation from a licensed valuer. Each valuer is experienced in the area in which they operate. Once the valuation is completed, your mentor will sit down with you and give you the most up to date local sales information, so that you can make a valued judgment on the price you can achieve. There is no guesswork or ‘wild appraisals’ provided simply to induce you to sell with Hello.

Where will my property be listed?

To get your property noticed by the right buyers, we advertise your property on the major real estate websites, including realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and more. You’ll also receive a giant front-of-home signboard to display your property to passing traffic. We provide you with professional full colour personalised brochures and flyers to promote your property to potential buyers.

How does the sale work?

Choose Hello and enjoy the entire sales process from start to finish. When it comes to getting the price you want, we’ll provide you with our unique Hello Bid n Buy service. It’s a transparent and independent online service that allows buyers and sellers of properties to agree on a price, without the influence and interference of agents and noisy auctioneers.