Bruno d’Avoine

Vermont VIC

Hello, my name is Bruno d’Avoine and I am passionate about helping families in the Vermont area to get the most out of their property. After 40 years of experience in real estate financing and currently holding six investment properties I have a wide understanding of the value of the family home and how important it is to get the best results out of your asset. My wife and children can tell you that I am always thinking and talking about properties and finance and this is the passion that I can apply to helping your family to get the most out of selling your own home. I have over 10 years’ experience as a property mentor and as a mortgage broker with 13 years of experience I understand the emotions and anxiety that can come with selling or buying property. Every client’s situation is unique and I endeavour to understand each client and help them achieve their goals. I would be proud and delighted to help you.


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